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General Session (Online)

CFO2005. Work, Laugh, Repeat: How Technology Contributes to a Funnier World

In a hilarious, multi-media intensive presentation, renowned business humorist and Chicago Tribune humor columnist Greg Schwem will make attendees howl with laughter as he explores the complex relationship between technology and the changing role of humor in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Workplace humor is in a very precarious position. Employees want to laugh at work but are often afraid to, fearful of how their laughter might be interpreted. Learn how to find "the funny" and be encouraged to share it, as opposed to being afraid of it.
  • Learn and ultimately realize, how stifling laughter in the workplace can also stifle creativity and productivity
4:15 PM–5:05 PM
Sep. 16
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Personal Development
1-2 years in the profession
Advanced Preparation