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CFO2011. Self Funding: How to Take Control - Is it Right for Your Business?

Thursday, September 17, 2020 2:25 PM–3:40 PM
CPE Credit
Fields of Study
Knowledge Level
3-5 years in the profession
Advanced Preparation
Risk tolerance is not "a one size fits all" when it applies to self-funding your health plan. In this session you will learn about the opportunities self-funding can offer, essential contract elements, what is the next step after self funding, and how to use self-funding as leverage in a fully insured environment. This session will be valuable to those considering or already self-funded.

Learning Objectives:

  • What cost containment levers can you pull in a self-funded environment?
  • Where is the market today? What are the benchmarks? How is the RX landscape impacitng the self-funded plan sponsors?
  • How to build a stop loss contract with eseential elements to reduce exposure?
  • What are the options after self-insurance?